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Apartment Building Insurance

The Right Insurance Solutions to Manage Risk At Your Apartment

We understand the complexities of owning and renting an apartment and why proper coverage is essential to minimize risk.

We understand the complexities of owning and renting apartments and the problems that arise when improperly insured. There are many insurance companies that are willing to insure apartments, but often, they do not include the intricate and appropriate coverage needed.

Prendiville insurance agency provides complete insurance coverage for all varieties of apartments. From four-unit buildings, mid-rise, high-rise and multi-building, garden style communities.

Our insurance company partners have been the first to market on vital coverage such as extended replacement cost, optional water damage deductibles, habitability coverage, and the ever growing threat of cyber liability.

While our primary goal is to save our clients’ money, and we often do, we are acutely aware of the importance of coverage. The most critical moment in the relationship between the client and the insurance agent is when there is a claim.

Apartment Insurance Solutions for:

Loss of Rents

Loss of rents coverage can help with the loss of rental income if the property becomes uninhabitable by a covered event like a fire. Coverage available up to 24 months.

Protection Against Habitability Claims

In California, juries are handing down million-dollar awards in lawsuits to plaintiffs claiming apartment complexes failed to maintain ‘habitable’ properties. Coverage for this vital issue should be addressed and a review of your current policy would be prudent.

Workers’ Compensation

Required in the state of California, Workers Compensation is an important coverage to have because it can help your employees recover from work related injuries or illnesses and provide the business owner with protection from lawsuits and fines.

General Liability

Helps protect you from loss in case you’re financially responsible for injury to others or damage to their property. This coverage extends to the cost of defense as well as possible judgment.

Property Insurance

Can help when unforeseen events like water damage or fire damage. Personal property insurance can help you repair or replace covered business items such as computers, tools and inventory.

Earthquake Insurance

It seems as though wildfires have been the dominant concern lately. But, the threat of financial catastrophe of Earthquakes remains the biggest threat. Add on top of that growing equity for commercial properties and apartments, the need for earthquake insurance skyrockets. Prendiville can guide you with markets, Risk Assessments and Deductible Strategies.

Prendiville Insurance makes it easy for you to get the correct insurance coverage for your Apartment Building all in one place.