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Workers’ Compensation

Protect Your Business From Employee Injury and Illness

Workers compensation insurance is not only required, but it protects your employees and also your business.

Required in the state of California, Workers Compensation is an important coverage to have because it can help your employees recover from work related injuries or illnesses and provide the business owner with protection from law suits and fines. If one of your employees tells you they got sick from their work or injured on the job, it’s important you file a workers’ comp claim with your insurer as soon as possible.

Top Considerations For Business Owners:


Considering that California is one of the most expensive states to do business in, workers’ comp rates are an obvious concern. Prendiville Insurance Agency uses our insurance provider network to find you most competitive policy on the market.

Timely delivery of required documents

From certificates of insurance to waivers of subrogation, your clients need to receive these items often before you get paid or even allowed to commence work.

Accurate classifications

There can be large differences in rates between workers’ compensation classifications. It’s important to choose the right one to avoid a surprise audit bill. In terms of claims coverage, the proper classification will prevent you from having a denied claim.

Ease of audit

Completing a workers’ compensation audit should not take a lot of your valuable time. Business owners should expect assistance in gathering and organizing important data for the audit completion.

Claim Review

Claim values have a direct impact on workers’ compensation rates when your experience modification is calculated. How confident are you that the reported numbers are accurate considering that values are often reported as projected values? It’s important that the numbers are recorded accurately and reviewed thoroughly.

When you issue a policy through Prendiville Insurance Agency, you can expect to receive the following:

A copy of your policy showing your estimated payroll, by each verified classification code​
Safety and CA Labor Posters – required by the State and critical to keep out of Human Resources trouble
Mandatory Workers Compensation Posters- required by the State and critical to have in the event of a major injury
Claim Kit with all necessary claim forms with clear instructions on how, where and when to file
Contact info of your servicing representative at Prendiville Insurance Agency
Clear billing instructions

Contact us to learn what your current Workers Compensation Insurance covers and doesn’t.

One of our Workers Compensation specialists will help you find the lowest rates and the best coverage.