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Home Insurance

Customized Home Insurance To Protect Your Most Valuable Asset – Your Residence

Prendiville Insurance will help you find the right policy to insure your home and property.

What Does Home Insurance Cover?

Regardless of your type of home- Tract, Custom, Big or Small- it’s likely one of your largest assets. Protecting your home is essential. But, your homeowners insurance provides coverage for so much more than the home itself.


Dwelling coverage helps pays for damage to the structure itself caused by sudden, accidental events like fire, wind, lightning, falling objects and vandalism. This is the coverage most homeowners think of first when selecting insurance.


Contents coverage is just that — it covers what’s inside your home. Everything from furniture and electronics to pots and pans. If these items are lost or destroyed by a covered event, your policy can help pay to replace them.


The third component of your home policy is liability coverage. It helps protect you from loss in case you’re financially responsible for injury to others or damage to their property. This coverage extends beyond your home and in fact follows you anywhere in the world.

Here are some claim examples:

  • Tragically, your home catches on fire: Your Dwelling Coverage pays to fix your structure, including all essential items such as flooring, cabinetry, etc. Coverage is also extended to detached items such as walls, fences, pools, etc. Your Personal Property pays for all of your lost or damaged furniture, clothes, jewelry, accessories, etc. Your Loss of Use pays for a secondary home while your home is being rebuilt.
  • While golfing, you inadvertently hit someone with a golf ball: Your Liability Coverage pays for the injuries sustained to the other person and the legal bills should you be sued.

  • While on vacation you have all of your luggage stolen: Your Personal Property Protection pays to replace all of your stolen items.

Home Insurance Is A Major Investment.
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