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Earthquake Insurance Covers The Major Expenses and Damage From An Earthquake

Don’t assume your current policy covers damage from an earthquake, because it probably doesn’t.

It seems as though wildfires have been the dominant concern lately. But, the threat of financial catastrophe of Earthquakes remains the biggest threat. Add on top of that growing equity for commercial properties, apartments and HOA’s and the need for earthquake insurance skyrockets.

Earthquake insurance doesn’t have to be expensive and confusing. Prendiville Insurance Agency can guide you with the following:


Prendiville has every single insurance company offering earthquake insurance in the market. From the entire Lloyd’s of London syndicate to California based insurance companies such as Insurance Company of the West, Palomar and Golden Bear, we will provide you multiple options from A’ rated insurance companies.

Risk Assessments

With today’s technology, the threat of an earthquake is constantly being monitored and categorized. Insurance companies use this information to underwrite the risk, relative to the chance of damage and premium. Now, this technology can be utilized to provide a reliable risk assessment that lets you weigh the risk versus expenses to your bottom line.

Deductible Strategies

Many people have the idea that the associated deductibles are a barrier to buying coverage. However, we can show you workable strategies that show you that the deductible is not a huge burden and sometimes easily transferred to other insurance coverage.

Coverage Options Include:

Building Coverage

Pays for repair or replacement of your building.

Business Personal Property

Pays for your damaged personal property that is essential to your operation.

Loss of Income/Rents

We can cover up to 12 months of your loss of income/rents while you rebuild and get your business back on track.

Loss of Assessment

If you are part of a homeowners association we can cover your loss of assessments.


Recent Earthquake Policy Examples: 

  • 45 unit apartment building covering $7M of Building Coverage and $1M of Loss of Rents.
  • 4500 square foot office building covering $1.5M in Building Coverage and $150,000 in Loss of Rents.
  • 185 unit Homeowners Association covering all structures, paved surfaces, pools, clubhouse and infrastructure of $65M plus $550,000 of Loss of Assessments.
  • 1050 Planned Unit Development covering common area amenities, private streets, clubhouse, pool and a large retaining wall with a Total Insured Value of 6.5M.

Let us help you determine if your current homeowners insurance provides you the coverage you need in case of an earthquake. We can help you evaluate your options in clear, understandable language.