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Protect your business from customer illness or injury, theft, and employee injuries.


At Prendiville Insurance Agency, we make it our business to stay in step with the specialized insurance needs of your restaurant. For over 30 years, we have provided current, and correct coverage for all of our clients, including many local family-run restaurants as well as a huge assortment of nationally franchised food outlets.

Since 1999, Patrick Prendiville has been the administrative agent for the KFC Safety Association, providing valuable safety tips and discounts to hundreds of KFC restaurants.

Russell May

KFC Franchise Owner

“Patrick has helped my business tremendously. He worked with Farmers to help get us group rates for individual franchisees. They have helped us save money and get the best coverage for our business. I don’t need to go to the carrier for a claim, I can just call Prendiville Agency and they help us take care of it, while keeping us all in the loop. Recommend them highly!”

Ed Thomas

KFC Franchise Owner

“For over 20 years, Prendiville Agency has greatly helped protect my business from Liability, Workers Comp., Fraud claims. They found the best coverage product for our business and educated us on what is covered and what isn’t. Their follow-up and communication during the time of a claim is excellent. Would highly recommend them.”

We can design a specific policy that will protect you in many ways, including:

Coverage for your building and interior upgrades​
The high-tech equipment in your kitchen
Your employees in case they get injured

There are many different types of insurance for you to choose from. At Prendiville Insurance Agency, we pride ourselves on helping you decide what coverage provides the best protection for your unique situation, at a price that fits your budget.

Below are the most common types of coverage that we provide restaurant and franchise owners with:

Proper Property Protection

Would you have enough to rebuild considering the cost of construction? Does your current policy differentiate between the true values of Business Personal Property, Building Coverage and Tenant Improvement?

Contamination Shutdown

How would your current policy handle a surprise visit from the Health Department with a shutdown order? Our Loss of Income and Extra Expense Coverage will get you through the problematic experience.

Auto/Delivery Vehicles

You may have company owned vehicles, or employees that drive their own vehicles on your company’s behalf. What are your liabilities? How’s your coverage for your food delivery automobiles?

Food Borne Illness

Are you part of franchise? If so, could you be negatively affected by a fellow franchisee having a food borne illness event. Are you currently protected for loss of income in this instance?

Equipment Breakdown

If a forest fire results in a loss of electricity, does your current policy provide loss of income? If the local authorities make you close your restaurant under “civil authority” will you made whole?

Employment Practices Liability

Many business owners have been bitten by a lawsuit alleging wrongful termination, sexual harassment, hostile workplace, wage disputes, etc.. Not having insurance coverage, or the wrong kind, can be devastating.

Prendiville Insurance makes it easy for you to get the correct insurance coverage for your restaurant all in one place. 

Contact us and speak with a licensed agent specializing in restaurant insurance to get the coverage and protection you need.